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Choosing the Best Spark Plugs for Your Generator

Do you need to get new spark plugs for your generator but have no idea how to choose them? Then take a detailed look at our shopping guide where you will find useful tips and tricks for choosing only the best plugs.

You will also learn about the best brands on the market and features to look for. Hopefully, thanks to our help you will make a better shopping decision.

LOOK INTO owner´s manual

TIP #1

The first step in our shopping guide is to take a look into the Owner´s Manual you got with your Generator. There, you will find every piece of information you will ever need, so don’t throw it away.

From our personal experience, the info about spark plugs is provided in the maintenance section. Usually, there is a specific brand and a model number stated there.


TIP #2

One of the few features you need to pay close attention to while choosing the spark plug for your generator is the recommended gap between the two electrodes (one curved and other at the tip of a plug – see the image below).

As already mentioned, you can find this measure in the Owner’s Guide or Manual.

Based on our experience, the vast majority of portable generators need a spark plug of size 0.028″ – 0.031″ (0.7 mm – 0.8 mm). However, the gap your spark plug needs to have may differ.

That is why you need to always double-check it.

You need to realize that if you insert a different type of spark plug than recommended, you may cause significant damage to your engine that is very expensive to fix. That is why you should always get the correct model and type for your generator.


TIP #3

Not only will you find the information about required gap measurement in the maintenance section of your Owner´s Manual, but you will also discover other recommendations with regards to choosing the right spark plug.

These include:

  • Mentions of compatible brands
  • Specific models for each brand
  • Allowed material of electrodes

Just keep in mind that if you decide not to follow recommendations in your Owner’s Manual, you can void the warranty of your generator.


TIP #4

Last but not least, you should never try to save on spark plugs for your generator. Preferring low price instead of a high-quality product may cause a lot of worries later.

Instead of trying to save a couple of bucks, rather invest a little bit more into high-quality products made by reliable brands, such as:

  • ACDelco
  • NGK
  • Champion
  • Torch
  • Denso

We personally believe that all these are excellent brands. They all have been recommended in various user manuals to portable generators. If you want to get your supply of high-quality spark plugs for a decent price, then take a look at deals.

Just keep in mind that individual generators may need different models of spark plugs.

Ask for professional help

TIP #5

Are you worried that you have chosen a wrong spark plug and that you may damage your engine? If you are not sure that you will choose the right spark plug for your generator, then ask an expert for help.

It is better to admit you need help than to cause significant damage to your engine. Just make a call to the local distributor or retailer of your brand of generator and I bet they will gladly help you.

You can find the local authorized dealers at this website.

Have spare plugs at hand

TIP #6

Our last advice is to get at least a couple of spare spark plugs as soon as possible. Because this spare part is not expensive, and will not deteriorate if stored correctly, you can afford to get at least a couple in advance.

Once you are out of power and your spark plug gets damaged, you may have a hard time finding the correct model in your area. Also, once hurricane season starts, spark plugs may become hard to get in general.

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  1. Is it a good choice to upgrade from a regular OEM spark plug to iridium for my portable generator? If so, how do I cross-reference these plugs? All my searches only suggest other brands but none for iridium. What are your thoughts?

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